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Tummy Tuck

The stomach is definitely a problem area for a whole lot of women out there, and the issue is caused by quite a few different things.  Your genetics, pregnancies, and effects of constant weight gain and weight loss can result in bodily changes you may not like. Stretch marks, excess skin, and looser or widened muscles in the abdomen can all leave you feeling upset with your tummy.  An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can restore a more youthful figure by trimming muscle and excess skin in the abdomen. Especially stubborn fat stores in places like the back, flanks, or abdomen can be addressed during your tummy tuck with liposuction.  

Dr. Rammos will work with you during your consultation to better understand what your specific goals are for a tummy tuck procedure, and in doing so can create a surgical plan that is personalized to your best possible outcome.  Tummy tuck procedures are not about weight loss; a tummy tuck is absolutely not a weight loss surgery. A tummy tuck is about contouring the body, and so the best candidates for a tummy tuck procedure are patients who are at a normal body weight and have a healthy, active lifestyle, but also have issues with difficult fat stores and excess skin.  

One of the most common reasons for women being unsure about a tummy tuck is the potential for scars.  There are plenty of photos out there of scars that are both long and wide after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure.  This does not always have to be the reality for all patients. The truth is that the size of your scar is dependent on how much skin is going to be removed.  This means that those with less excess skin to remove can be candidates for a procedure like a mini-tummy tuck. Patients with poor skin quality and a lot of excess skin around the hips may need more extensive removal.  This necessitates longer scars to get the best results for these patients. You will work with Dr. Rammos at your initial consultation to figure out what the best approach is for your individual needs as a patient. Creating the best scar results possible for you is important to us, and we offer a scar therapy program to assist in the formation of the best scars possible.  

Tummy Tuck Techniques

Your tummy tuck procedure can be performed as either an outpatient surgery or may require an overnight stay.  The size and location of your incisions will depend on Dr. Rammos’ personalized plan and which procedure is appropriate for you.  This means either a mini, traditional, or extended tummy tuck depending on your needs. Our doctor will go over this with you extensively during your consultation.  Your incisions will be placed in as low a position as possible to hide them with many kinds of clothing. Dr. Rammos will also perform liposuction on problematic fat stores if necessary in order to reshape the contour of your hips and waistline.  Abdominal muscles that were pulled apart while pregnant can be tightened again. Your excess skin will also be removed to both narrow your waist and flatten your abdomen.  

Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Cease taking all supplements and medications that can increase your risk of bleeding at least two weeks before your surgery.  Make sure you check with your primary doctor before stopping any medication.

Recovering from Tummy Tuck Surgery

After your procedure you will need to wear a compression garment or abdominal tummy tuck belt for around six to eight weeks.  Drainage tubes may also be necessary to drain fluid underneath your incisions. Some patients may be eligible for a drainless tummy tuck procedure.  Your initial consultation will cover whether or not this is possible for you.  

Swelling and bruising in your abdomen or any affected areas by liposuction is to be expected.  You can reduce this swelling with your compression garment. Usually patients have swelling that is noticeable for around two weeks after their procedure before it starts to lessen.  It can take much longer for swelling to completely resolve itself, up to three to six months sometimes. Your body will have decreased sensation and numbness around the incision lines immediately after your procedure.  This is to be expected as your swelling decreases and nerves start to recover from the procedure.  

Recovering from tummy tuck surgery can definitely take quite some time.  The first week after surgery will have soreness and discomfort. Pulling sensations, tugging sensations, and tightness in your abdomen for a few weeks to a few months after the surgery are normal.  This will improve over time. Refrain from rigorous exercise or activity for two weeks after surgery. Avoid lifting anything that is over ten pounds for at least a month after surgery. This means you will need assistance with small children if you have them.  

Moderate exercise can begin after a couple weeks, and more intense activity can be resumed after a month or so.  You will be fully active again after about six weeks. Many patients can resume working after as soon as a week after their tummy tuck procedure. 

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