Rammos Plastic Surgery


Our doctor believes that natural looking results are what contribute to a successful facelift procedure.  The facelift that Dr. Rammos offers is not one of the past where the result is overly tight looking skin. Instead he aims to deliver something that looks natural and still gets you noticed for all the right reasons.  Today’s advanced cosmetic surgery options allow for results that are natural. Our goal is to make you look like your younger self, and not like somebody else.  

Skin loses volume and elasticity as part of the aging process. The result is skin that looks aged and tired in appearance.  Some non-surgical options can produce temporary results that are pleasing, but eventually products like Botox and fillers do not work on their own anymore.  Certain areas are difficult to treat with non-surgical options as well; the neck shows clear signs of aging quite fast and does not respond well to non-surgical procedures.  If your goal is to both tighten and lift the skin and tissue, then consider restoring your youthful contours with a facelift.

Facelift Techniques

Dr. Rammos understands that the needs of every patient are quite different, and have to be addressed on a case by case basis.  Each procedure is tailored to the patient specifically to fit their desired results as best as possible. Incisions can be made in a variety of spots depending on what your needs are out of the facelift procedure.  They can be made along your hairline, around your ears, or even underneath the chin. Your facial tissue, through the newly made incisions, will be suspended into a position that gives a more youthful contour to your face.  More volume in the cheeks, more definition in the jawline, and more definition in the neckline are all addressed with the facelift. Incisions are closed with sutures after excess skin is removed.  

Dr. Rammos will evaluate your needs in order to give you the best result that is both natural looking and substantial in improvement.  Our doctor also understands the importance of treating a patient’s concern with scars seriously, and through incredible attention to detail will place your incisions in a location that makes them much less perceivable when fully healed.

Preparing For Your Facelift Surgery  

Attaining the best possible quality and health of your skin will help to create the best outcome with your facelift procedure.  Dr. Rammos will assist you with skincare needs when you have your initial consultation. This process can be lengthy depending on what condition your skin is in, but is well worth it for how much your results will be improved.  

As with any other major procedure, you should stop taking all medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding at least two weeks before your procedure.  Make sure to always check with your primary care doctor before you stop taking any medication.

Recovering from Facelift Surgery

Usually a couple weeks is how long most patients will need off from work to recover.  You will require assistance for the first 72 hours after your procedure. After your procedure, you will wake with a wrap around your head that will be removed after two hours.  You will have two drains placed behind the ears that must be emptied and monitored. Most of the time these will be removed after a day. Sutures that were used to close your incisions will be removed after around a week based on your recovery.  Being very swollen for a week or so is very normal and will go away in time. Swelling can take three to six months to properly heal, and scars can take up to a full year to heal.

Gentle walking throughout the day is fine after your procedure, but do not take part in any activity that raises your blood pressure or heart rate.  Moderate activity can be resumed after about two weeks, but anything that requires heavy lifting or straining must wait at least four weeks. Six weeks is when you will be fully active again after your procedure.  

Facial Fat Grafting

Losing volume in the face is inevitable as we grow older.  Facial restoration is capable of making you look younger than before.  The two methods often used for this are fillers or a procedure called facial fat grafting.  Facial fat grafting involves harvesting your fat cells for placement in your face to add volume.  Fillers do not have the same permanency as facial fat grafting does. Facial fat grafting is simply a better long term solution to lost volume in the face.  Using your own source of fat cells is also an advantage as it lessens the risk of adverse reaction to the procedure. This is seen as a more natural approach by those who would not like anything foreign going into their body.  Dr. Rammos’ deep understanding of facial anatomy will assist him in giving your face the youthful, natural look you desire. Facelifts can be done alongside the facial fat grafting procedure as well.

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