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Your eyes are definitely one of the most immediately noticeable and identifiable features about your body.  They are unique to everyone and are one of the most expressive parts of your face. The eyes are also prone to being one of the earliest parts of your body to being showing signs of aging.  Skin up and around the eyes will often get wrinkles and fine lines due to how delicate the skin is. The upper eyelids can start to sag or droop as you age, which can make you appear angry or tired at all times.  Upper blepharoplasty, surgery of the upper eyelids, is a fast procedure that removes excess upper eyelid skin. This procedure results in eyes that look more refreshed, bright, and full of rest. Bags under the eyes are genetic and can crop up at any point.  These pockets of excess skin and fat can have an obvious aging effect that leaves you feeling self conscious about your eyes. Lower blepharoplasty, surgery of the lower eyelids, will remove excess skin and fat to smooth out the space between the cheeks and lower eyelids.  The result is younger looking eyes.

Dr. Rammos has extensive experience with performing both upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty.  Each procedure has a personalized approach to treatment made specifically for the patient. Our eyes are one of the most unique parts of our face, and treatment should be approached from the same perspective.  Each patient has varying amounts of excess skin and excess fat, so your procedure will specifically address your needs. A lot of patients will also have asymmetry of the eyelids between the upper and lower. Dr. Rammos will address your personalized treatment plan during your initial consultation.  

Blepharoplasty, either upper or lower, can often be done alongside other facial rejuvenation procedures like a brow lift, face lift, or neck lift.  

Blepharoplasty Techniques

Upper blepharoplasty can either be performed in the office or in the operating room.  In the office it would be done under local anesthesia, where the operating room would be under general anesthesia.  Usually it is combined with another procedure when done in the operating room. Dr. Rammos will go over all available options at your consultation.  The incision line made during an upper blepharoplasty will be in the crease of your eye. This makes any scar made by the procedure well hidden. Sutures will be used to close any incisions made during your procedures, and will have to be removed in our office after about a week.

When it comes to lower belpharoplasty, an incision will be made under your lower eyelash line.  Through this incision, Dr. Rammos will reposition and remove fat in order to create smoothness from your eyelid to cheek.  Excess skin is removed and incisions are then closed with dissolvable sutures.

Preparing For Your Blepharoplasty Surgery

As with any other major procedure, you should cease all medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding at least two weeks before your procedure.  Make sure to always check with your primary care doctor before you stop taking any medication.

Recovering from Blepharoplasty Surgery

Expect some mild swelling and bruising immediately after an upper blepharoplasty surgery.  This will go away in a couple days. Sutures are to be removed in office after a week post-operative.  It can sometimes take up to six months to see your final results.

The recovery process from lower blepharoplasty is a bit more complicated.  Typically there is more swelling and bruising that lasts for a week at most.  If done alongside other facial rejuvenation procedures, it will be the procedure that is the most involved when it comes to proper downtime and care.  Dr. Rammos’ instructions are to ensure that you heal as quickly as possible and are important to follow closely.

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