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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast enlargement is not the only kind of change in size breast augmentation can bring.  Reducing the size of your breasts can be very desirable for some women as well. Many women out there would love to be able to have smaller breasts.  Very large breasts can be a source of discomfort, pain, and even emotional pain and distress. The way you dress and your ability to take part in sports and other athletic activity can be severely limited by very large breasts.  In this case, breast reduction surgery definitely changes lives in more ways than one.   

Dr. Rammos removes breast tissue and excess skin during your breast reduction procedure in order to make the breast both higher on the chest wall and smaller in size.  This helps create a youthful, slim body contour. Women often report an immediate improvement in various body pains when they have a breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery actually has a very high patient satisfaction rate overall as a cosmetic procedure.  Proper breast reduction involves being careful with how small the patient’s new breasts are to be. A breast shape that still appears natural to the patient’s body is very important and must not be compromised. Dr. Rammos has extensive training and the ability to deliver personalized results to every patient.  Your initial consultation will give our doctor all the information necessary to deliver these results to you.

Breast Reduction Techniques

Incisions always leave a scar of some kind when they are made.  Most women feel that this is worth it when considering the benefits of breast reduction procedures.  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to having a surgery like breast reduction.  Dr. Rammos understands the concerns of his patients when it comes to scars on their body. His extensive training assists in delivering results that have the least scarring possible.  A post surgical therapy program for scars also helps to lessen the scars. Breast reduction procedures are performed the same day and are done under general anesthesia. Dr. Rammos will remove skin and excess tissue during the procedure to alter the shape of shape and size of the breast.  Dissolving sutures will be used to close incisions made during the procedure, and a surgical bra will be placed on you to increase comfort after your procedure is done.

Preparing For Your Breast Reduction Surgery

As with any other major procedure, cease taking all medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding at least two weeks before your surgery.  Make sure to always check with your primary care doctor before stopping any medication.  

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

Feeling some sensitivity, numbness, or soreness after your breast reduction procedure is normal.  These symptoms should gradually go away with time. Taking at least a week off from work is a good amount of time for most women.  

It is likely you will not need to have a drain placed in you after your breast reduction surgery.  Some patients will need temporary drains for after their surgery if they have a particularly large reduction.  Bandages will remain for up to two days after surgery, you will also have paper tape on your incisions for a week after your procedure.  They will be removed during a post-op visit in our office.  

Refrain from all rigorous activity after your surgery for at least two weeks, and avoid lifting more than ten pounds.  You can start to resume light activity and exercise after two weeks, but should still be avoiding exercises that target the chest like pushups.  You can begin intense activity levels again after a month or so, and be fully active again after six weeks. Your final results should be visible after two to four months.