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Brazilian Butt Lift

It is no secret that butts come in many varieties of shape and size.  Being born with the behind you want is a pretty rare thing, and most people cannot seem to get the butt they want even with proper diet and exercise.  The truth is that our genetics largely determine how our bodies store fat and what our skeletal structure is like. At some point doing more squats, lunges or other exercises that target the glutes is not going to achieve the booty you truly want.  Our bodies have limits to what they can achieve, and many people choose to overcome this limitation by having a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure boosts the fullness of your butt and helps to both reshape your behind and create volume.  

The Brazilian butt lift is achieved by taking fat from an area of the body where you don’t want it and transferring it directly to your butt.  This reshapes the contour of your behind using your own fat rather than something like implants. This process often starts with liposuction in order to take the fat from one part of your body.  We call this process the fat transfer. The fat is processed to make sure that impurities and any excess fluid is removed, and then is injected strategically into your butt to reshape it and get your desired behind.  This procedure works doubly so as it removes fat from one part of your body and makes it look slimmer while also boosting the volume of your butt.

Who is a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Despite being a very effective procedure, social media has created the perception of the Brazilian butt lift with altered photos of tiny waisted models.  You should set your expectations to be realistic in what the Brazilian butt lift can do for your behind. Many of the pictures you see of women who have had this procedure done are simply not accurate, and create false expectations for patients based on altered pictures.  

Good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift will overall be in good health, and must have fat stores that can adequately be harvested for the fat transfer.  It is also important to have a good skin tone on your butt and hips, and to have the opportunity to quite literally get off your butt for two weeks or more.  Part of the recovery process is not sitting directly on your newly reshaped butt for awhile.

This procedure will not address any excess or loose skin you would like to get rid of on your thighs and butt.  A thigh lift is a more appropriate option for those looking to address that specifically.  

Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques:

As mentioned before, Dr. Rammos will use liposuction for the fat transfer from an area of your body like your stomach, back or hips.  This fat will then be placed into your butt with the utmost care. The contour created from taking fat from an unwanted area and placing it in your butt is very pleasing as it creates dramatic results in one procedure.  

Preparing For Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery:

Medication and supplements that have the possibility of increasing risk of bleeding absolutely must be stopped at least two weeks before surgery.  Ask your primary care doctor before you stop using any of your prescriptions.  

There are several over-the-counter health supplements that are popular like fish oil, St. John’s wort, and Ginkgo biloba that can raise your risk of bleeding.  Please discuss any supplements that you take with Dr. Rammos to ensure that you are not increasing your risk of bleeding.

Smoking and vaping should be ceased at least four weeks ahead of your surgery in order to avoid complications during the healing process.  Nicotine causes your blood vessels to become more narrow and constrict the amount of oxygen and blood that flows through you. This is especially concerning for Brazilian butt lift procedures.  Newly transferred fat must have a healthy blood supply to survive and permanently remain in the new spot.  

Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery:

Not all the fat that is harvested from one area of your body and transferred to your butt will actually survive and “take” to the new area of your body. It is important to remember this so you know exactly what to expect with your results from your Brazilian butt lift surgery.  It is also why it is especially important that you do not disturb the newly transferred fat in order to preserve the most possible in the new location. It is important to allow the new fat to establish a new blood supply.

Sitting directly on your new behind can affect the new fat cells in their ability to stay in the new spot.  You want to preserve as many of the newly transferred cells as possible, so you should avoid sitting directly on it to avoid killing a portion of the fat cells.  Killing the new fat cells can affect your results and your overall satisfaction with the procedure. Avoiding this will get you the absolute best results possible for your Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side is essential to preserving the new fat cells.  You must avoid sitting on your butt at all times. Watching TV or otherwise working on a computer should be done either resting on your hip or lying on your stomach.  This is temporary as after two months or so you will usually be able to resume normal sitting.  

Swelling in your behind after surgery is normal and should subside within 72 hours or so.  It is likely you will have lots of bruising and swelling in the areas where the fat transfer and lipo was performed.  Wearing a compression garment over these areas for 6-8 weeks at least after the surgery will assist with the buildup of fluid in the skin.  This helps reduce swelling and also allows the loose skin to retract better.

Spend as much time on your feet as possible after your Brazilian butt lift surgery.  You can resume light cardio in as soon as a couple weeks, and be completely active again after around six weeks of recovery. 

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