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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a breast enhancement procedure that raises your breasts higher on your chest wall to make them appear perkier and more youthful looking.  This can be for a variety of reasons like being born with breasts that sag, breast shape changing because of aging, weight gain/weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Breast lifts can help restore the youthful shape of your breasts and change the overall contour of your upper body.  

Dr. Rammos will figure out a personalized plan for surgery to best help you achieve your goals based on an initial consultation.  A breast lift can often be all a patient needs for their desired look, but replacing lost breast volume must be done additionally with an implant most of the time.  

Breast Lift Techniques

Scars are one of the most significant concerns with almost any major procedure.  Every surgical procedure will inevitably leave a scar of some kind. These scars do not have to be unsightly or large with scar management therapies and proper surgical techniques.  Dr. Rammos is sensitive to a patient’s needs and how obvious incision lines can affect a patient’s confidence. His advanced training equips Dr. Rammos to place incision lines in the most visually pleasing way possible.  Part of delivering this kind of result for patients is by making the correct incision for every patient. The three incision types used for a breast lift by Dr. Rammos are as follows.

Periareolar Incision

This incision is made around the skin of your areola.  Periareolar incisions can make for great scar healing, but has the potential to disrupt your ability to breastfeed in the future.  This is due to its interference with milk ducts and glands.

Keyhole Incision

The keyhole incision is similar to a periareolar incision at first, but then goes vertically from the areola down to the bottom of your breast.

Anchor Incision

Very similar to the incision made with the keyhole incision, but for a short distance runs along the breast crease horizontally.  

Dr. Rammos will reshape your breast tissue after making one of these incisions for a breast that is more full and round.  He will also lift the mound of the breast higher on your chest to create a youthful, perky look. A breast lift procedure is a same day surgery and is done under general anesthesia.  

Preparing For Your Breast Lift Surgery

As with any other major procedure, all medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding are to be stopped at least two weeks before your surgery.  Always check with your primary care physician first before you stop taking medication.

Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery

Sensitivity and soreness for a few days after your procedure is normal and to be expected.  You can also have some numbness in certain areas, but these spots will improve gradually over time.  Refrain from lifting anything over ten pounds and all rigorous activity for two weeks at least. Light exercise can be resumed after two weeks, but exercises that specifically target the chest like pushups should be avoided.  Intense exercise can usually be resumed at around a month, and full activity can be resumed at six weeks after your procedure. Most patients will see the final results of their breast lift after between two and four months. The healing process for scars can take as long as a year for them to fade as much as possible.