Rammos Plastic Surgery

Neck Lift Surgery

The increasingly technology driven world has created newfound issues with the neck.  Cell phones, computers, and tablets have put people in the habit of looking down with their necks constantly.  Doing this all the time can cause atrophy to the muscles and skin of your neck. This along with aging can quickly make for an aged looking neck with sagging skin.  Skin and soft tissue over time become weaker as the elasticity of your skin decreases. This leads to muscle bands that look ropey and excess skin that can make you look a lot older.  Certain patients can also have fatty tissue of the neck that can give the appearance of having a double chin. The neck lift surgically lifts muscles that are sagging and removes fat and skin to create a youthful contour of the neck.  

Dr. Rammos is extensively trained in options for the neck that are both surgical and non-surgical.  Your neck will be examined during the initial consultation with Dr. Rammos in order to determine the absolute best way of treating your body.  Other facial rejuvenation procedures like the facelift, brow lift, or blepharoplasty are typically performed alongside the neck lift if it suits the patient’s needs.  

Neck Lift Techniques

Dr. Rammos performs neck lift procedures under general anesthesia.  A small incision is placed underneath your chin and also around the ears.  Through this he re-suspends and tightens your deep tissues of the neck, and contours your neck to look youthful.  Excess fat and skin is excised and sutures are used to close incisions. The sutures will be removed after about one week after your procedure.

Preparing For Your Neck Surgery

As with any other major procedure, you should stop taking any medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding two weeks or more before your procedure.  Always check with your primary care doctor before you stop taking any medication.

Great skincare is one of the absolute best ways to prepare yourself for any facial enhancement procedure.  Dr. Rammos can recommend and provide skincare products that suit your personal needs.

Recovering from Neck Lift Surgery

Two drains behind your ears will be used to drain excess fluid. They also help to make sure that the skin of your neck can properly conform to your contours created by the neck lift.  These drains can usually be removed after a day or so. Sutures will be removed after one week. Swelling will subside within two or three days and is normal. Tightness of the neck will go away in a few weeks or months after your procedure.