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MOXI Laser Treatment

MOXI Laser Treatment

Rammos Plastic Surgery & MedSpa and MedSpa offers more than plastic surgery services to clients. Among the most requested procedures is laser treatment. A dedicated plastic surgeon from our team can recommend laser treatment options to help you achieve the skin results you most desire. Clients looking for subtle changes to their appearance opt for MOXI laser treatments. MOXI features short treatment sessions with very little recovery time required.

Benefits of the MOXI Laser

According to Sciton, the makers of the MOXI Laser, those who get a MOXI laser treatment will often note their skin looking more rejuvenated and refreshed after just one session. After multiple sessions, clients can see a notable difference in how their skin looks and feels. The MOXI Laser works best for those who want to change the tone or texture of their skin. Although designed to treat all skin types, clinicians often recommend MOXI for those with pigmentation issues.

MOXI comes from the same laser family as the HALO and BBL. Using non-ablative fractioned wavelengths, MOXI gently resurfaces the skin. MOXI targets uneven skin tones, brightens the skin, and improves overall texture. Frequently, our clients have damaged skin due to sun exposure, smoking, and aging. During each laser session, the MOXI safely targets old skin cells to promote new cell growth.  

Things to Know About MOXI Laser

MOXI Laser sessions are tolerated very well and commonly combined with other skin treatments. Although only one session can demonstrate visible results, most clients undergo three to four sessions. MOXI is one of the fastest treatments to target wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Most sessions will only last 15 to 30 minutes. You will not have to undergo anesthesia to receive the laser therapy. Instead, a topical anesthetic numbs your face before treatment commences. Most clients report only slight discomfort during the procedure.

MOXI requires minimal downtime. You won’t have to take time off from work since you only need a few hours of rest, typically two to eight hours. You may have a few mild side effects after the procedure, such as facial swelling and skin irritation. After four to five days, you’ll see brighter skin with a rejuvenated appearance. Our plastic surgeon team recommends staying out of the sun after treatment and always using sunscreen as a protective barrier. Resume wearing makeup 24 hours after your session.

Contacting Rammos Plastic Surgery & MedSpa and MedSpa

Learn more about the MOXI Laser by contacting our Illinois office today. Our staff can let you know if MOXI can help you achieve your skincare goals. Dr. Babis Rammos is a double board-certified surgeon with accolades, including Newsweek’s “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons.”