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Brow Lift

Squinting, scowling, and frowning all can contribute to sagging of the brows over time.  This can cause your eyes to look more tired than they would otherwise. Even more than that, a lot of people are predisposed through genetics to have brows that will sag over time.  Brows that appear heavy cause you to appear angry, tired, or older than you are. This is where a brow lift can create an improvement, on the excess skin outside of the eyes and on your brow position.  

Dr. Rammos has an extensive understanding of facial anatomy and how to deliver a brow lift that looks both youthful and natural in result.  Facial rejuvenation is an area of expertise for Dr. Rammos, he produces great results and a brighter look with any facial procedure.  

Brow lift procedures are often done together with facial rejuvenation procedures like the neck lift, face lift, and blepharoplasty.

Brow Lift Techniques:

Dr. Rammos will evaluate both your muscles and skin in the forehead during your initial consultation.  This is to figure out which technique for a brow lift would work best for your ideal results. Which technique works best is determined by the anatomy of your face while also considering what you want out of the procedure.  

Endoscopic Brow Lift:

Minimally invasive incisions behind your hairline are used for this technique.  Dr. Rammos inserts a camera to guide him as he repositions the brow to a more desirable position.  The incisions made are few and small in number, so patients with a forehead that is normal in height and have hair that is thinning are usually the best candidates for this technique.  

Hairline Brow Lift:

An incision along the hairline is made and used to reposition the brow in this technique.  Patients that have a long forehead are often the best candidates for this kind of brow lift technique.

Coronal Brow Lift:

An incision is made, this time behind your hairline, for the repositioning of the brow.  This technique works very well for patients with low or normal hairlines. The technique slightly lengthens your forehead.  This brow lift technique offers the largest improvement when it comes to the position of your brow.

Brow lift procedures are an outpatient procedure typically unless there are more facial rejuvenation procedures being done.  Dr. Rammos could recommend an overnight stay if this is the case. Your consultation will cover all of this information in detail.

Preparing For Your Brow Lift Surgery:

As with any other major procedure, you should stop all medication and supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding at least two weeks before your procedure.  Make sure to always check with your primary care physician before you stop taking any medication.

Recovering from Brow Lift Surgery:

Swelling around and in the eyes is definitely normal after having a brow lift procedure.  This should go away within 72 hours. It is recommended by Dr. Rammos that you sleep upright or in a semi-recumbent position for a couple days after you first have your procedure done.  This assists with swelling and reduces it during your recovery. Hidden staples in the hairline will be used to close any incisions made during the procedure. Loss of sensation in the forehead and hairline areas are normal and will usually go away after a couple of weeks or more. 

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