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Body Contouring

Weight loss, despite being a huge accomplishment, often results in an appearance that leaves patients feeling self conscious.  Losing a ton of weight leaves behind skin with little elasticity left that is unable to conform to your new body and weight. Many patients find it more difficult to appreciate their new body when they realize that their appearance is still influenced by that weight loss.  

Losing weight creates positive life changes, and you should be able to fully appreciate and enjoy the results of your weight loss journey.  Excess skin diminishes that enjoyment by lowering your self confidence and sense of comfort with your body. The issues that come with loose, excess skin are not limited to appearance.  Excess skin can affect your ability to comfortably exercise or wear certain clothes as well.  

Who is a Candidate For Body Contouring?

It is important for a patient to both be in good health and have successfully stayed at their goal weight for six or more months at least.  Fluctuations in weight can have negative effects on the outcome of a body contouring procedure.  

Dr. Rammos can determine if you are a proper candidate for a body contouring procedure.  He will assist you in putting together a plan for dealing with the excess skin left from your weight loss.  Patients with excess skin in different areas of their body often require multiple procedures to ensure safety.  Dr. Rammos can determine how to address this based on your overall health. We will first work with you to address the specific areas that bother you the most in the best way possible.  The results from body contouring will help you enjoy the transformation you’ve made!

Body Contouring Techniques

Dr. Rammos will be able to discuss various procedures that may be necessary to give you the body you want.  All these procedures are to correct sagging in various parts of the body. This includes breast lifts, arm lifts, lower body lifts, and thigh lifts.  

These procedures are mostly done the same way.  Incisions are cut into the skin, and any loose skin is removed so that your skin can be pulled into a position that conforms to your body.  Some procedures can be combined, but all-over body contouring will require more than one surgery to ensure that patients are not under anesthesia for an unsafe amount of time.  Some body contouring procedures take longer than others due to the inclusion of liposuction to deal with areas that could not be addressed through weight loss. More complicated procedures results in a longer surgery and recovery time.  

Body Contouring Surgery Scars

Body Contouring patients are often most concerned with scarring when considering procedures that remove excess skin in large amounts.  This concern is especially common for patients who have had massive weight loss.  

The reality is that you trade loose, excess skin that makes you uncomfortable and self conscious for the possibility of scars with body contouring surgery.  Loose skin interferes with your daily life in multiple ways; the trade-off of potential scarring is definitely worth it. Body contouring surgery absolutely produces improvements to a patient’s life that outweigh the scars that can come with that lifetime improvement.  

Dr. Rammos will use several important strategies to make sure you have the best possible outcome with your scars.  One example is the placement of scars in inconspicuous parts of the body that are easily concealed by most clothing.  Dr. Rammos also creates the finest incision lines as is possible for each patient, and offers a post-operative program for scar therapy to help reduce scarring.  

All of these details regarding what can be done in your case will be thoroughly discussed with you by Dr. Rammos when you have your consultation.  We will be able to address all of your questions and concerns leading up to your surgery.

Preparing For Your Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring is an intensive procedure that necessitates a long recovery time.  This is especially true for patients that need multiple surgeries to address their excess skin.  This makes it very important to prepare yourself for the healing process for the best results.  

Consulting with your primary physician while also discontinuing medications and other things like supplements that could increase your risk of bleeding.  With your primary care physician’s permission, you should discontinue these two weeks before your surgery. Dr. Rammos can ease your concerns and answer any questions you have regarding the healing process.  

Other activities that can impede the healing process like smoking or vaping should be stopped to ensure that you heal properly.  Smoking affects your flow of oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream and negatively affects your body’s healing process.  

It is important to create a healing environment in your body by taking a few helpful steps.  You should eat a high protein diet that is dense in nutrients, and take essential vitamins that will help to create a strong body that is ready for surgery and recovery.   Regular exercise will go hand in hand with eating well in order to be as healthy as you can be when going into your surgery.

Recovering From Body Contouring Surgery

Dr. Rammos may deem it necessary to have a temporary drain placed underneath the skin depending on the procedure you have done.  A drain helps to reduce the amount of fluid where excess skin was removed and can aid in your healing process.  

A compression garment to reduce swelling, protect your incision and reduce the amount of fluid will be necessary for a couple months after your surgery.  Soreness and discomfort are extremely normal during the first few days after your procedure. Strenuous physical activity is also off-limits for a couple months at least until you have healed enough to resume activity.  

Continuing the good eating habits you started before your procedure is very important for the recovery process.  It is important to stay healthy despite the inactivity that comes with the first couple months of recovery. Eating unhealthy food or not enough food will negatively impact your recovery process.  Make sure to stay with your nutrient and protein rich diet during this process.