Rammos Plastic Surgery

Spa Services

Rammos Plastic Surgery & MedSpa offers a variety of cosmetic services. You may benefit from any of the following options.

MOXI laser treatment can remove unsightly spots, patches, or sun damage from your skin. This non-ablative form of laser treatment can also treat melasma, or pregnancy-related skin discoloration. It can even shrink enlarged pores. The laser works by targeting specific skin channels, with its thermal energy working gently and precisely for optimal results with minimal downtime.

If you’re looking for a uniquely powerful and versatile method for treating many kinds of skin issues, consider our Sciton BBL HALO™ Aesthetic Laser treatment. This approach combines two different light-based techniques. The HALO laser can provide both ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing, while the broadband light (BBL) device gently heats and stimulates the skin to remove discoloration.

Wrinkles and fine lines commonly appear as your skin ages and loses its natural elasticity. The problem grows worse as squinting or frowning engraves worry or laugh lines onto your face. We can smooth out those fine lines with various kinds of injectables, from neurotoxins that safely relax those muscles to fillers that add plumpness to the skin.

If your face could use a fresh start, consider undergoing our hydrafacial treatment. Our plastic surgeon can exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and then use gentle suction power to deep-clean your pores. A moisturizing hydrating treatment and final application of peptides and antioxidants gives your face a newly youthful glow.

Our plastic surgeon offers and recommends Revision Skincare® products. This line of products include everything from facial masks and moisturizers to eye creams and lip replenishers. We can provide you with just the right products to help you treat skin damage and protect your skin against the environment’s harmful effects.

If you’ve always suffered from thin, sparse eyelashes, Latisse can give you the full lashes you always wanted. When used regularly, this topical treatment encourages the growth of new, darker, longer eyelashes. Simply brush it on and blink to distribute the treatment evenly.

Our laser resurfacing techniques can remove fine lines, sunspots, and other forms of sun-related damage. We can administer procedures such as nanopeels, microlaser peels, or deep laser resurfacing depending on the severity and depth of your skin’s sun damage.

If you’re ready to enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin, then you’re ready to schedule a consultation with Rammos Plastic Surgery & MedSpa. Contact us today!