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Breast Implant Exchange

Surgeons work hard to deliver the absolute best results possible when they perform a breast augmentation, but many women unfortunately still end up being unhappy with the results from their procedure.  This is why women choose to get a breast implant exchange (revision). The reasons for why women specifically get the surgery vary. Certain women are not happy with the size of their breasts, develop asymmetry of the breasts from capsular contracture, have malpositioned implants, or their implants unfortunately rupture.  Some women even just want to have a different kind of implant. Dr. Rammos will work closely with you during your initial consultation to make sure you get the best results possible for your desired look.  

Nearly any patient who is not currently satisfied with their breast augmentation results is a great candidate for breast implant exchange (revision).  

Breast Implant Exchange (Revision) Techniques

Dr. Rammos may be able to use the initial incision made during your first breast augmentation procedure for a breast implant exchange (revision) depending on which technique was used for your surgery.  This is to minimize additional scarring from the breast implant exchange. An additional incision may have to be made depending on how complex your procedure has to be. This is usually done in the breast fold if one is not already there.  The specifics of your breast implant exchange will be discussed with you in your initial consultation with Dr. Rammos. Every breast implant exchange is unique to the specific patient. Breast implant exchange is a same day operation that is performed under general anesthesia.  

Preparing For Your Breast Implant Exchange (Revision) Surgery

As with any other major procedure, all medication and supplements that increase your risk of bleeding should stop being taken two or more weeks prior to surgery.  Always check with your primary care physician before you stop taking any medication.

Recovering from Breast Implant Exchange (Revision) Surgery

The healing process really depends on your body and how it responds to the procedures, as you can combine a breast implant exchange with other procedures as well.  Usually the recovery for a breast implant exchange is much shorter than the initial breast augmentation’s recovery process was. You may be given a post surgical garment that is specially made to reduce swelling for the first few days after your procedure.  Dr. Rammos will determine if this is necessary in your case. Afterwards you will have to refrain from rigorous activity for at least two weeks while avoiding lifting anything over ten pounds. You can start to resume light exercise after two weeks, but make sure to avoid exercises that target the chest muscles like push ups do.  Resuming more intense exercise can be done after a month, and full activity can be resumed at six weeks after your procedure. If your job is not particularly demanding and does not involve lifting, you can start working again after as little as a few days.  

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